Sunday, 24 July 2011

Phone hacking scandal and a game between politicians and the media

  There has been an interesting development in the ongoing phone hacking scandal as there is public concern about the British PM, David Cameron's decision to hire Andy Coulson, former editor of News of the World. It was expected that the Prime Minister should have taken responsibility for his decision to hire Andy Coulson despite early warnings.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Critical Review of Robinson, S. (2006). The mission of the j-blog: Recapturing journalistic authority online. Journalism, 7(1), 65-83

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            In the article "The mission of the j-blog: Recapturing journalistic authority online" (2006), Susan Robinson contends that journalist's weblog (or j-blog), a short-form of reporting, analysing and writing in mainstream online press (Dube, 2004), has  influenced, even altered  journalism’s traditional standards. The article attempts to conclude the role of the j-blogs, or the mainstream bloggers, in regaining the journalistic authority in online medium. The author demonstrate her thesis by approaching the j-blog from the perspective of the traditional values of journalism, namely truth, independence, credibility, ethical obligation to answer the question on whether the j-blog has presented a new form of journalism. In a deeper discussion, she analyses the performance of journalists in making use of  traditional news frames in weblog. By examining j-blog in the relation with the inherent interaction between subjects and objects of traditional journalism, Robinson makes strong arguments on how j-blog has influenced and adjusted this interaction.  Many points in the article have been persuasively made. The exception is that the article results in a matter of argument  over the subject of journalism in a new frame.